Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Learning objectives

The participants

  • learn the basics of AI in the context of medicine
  • learn how to use AI systems in practice
  • learn how to critically evaluate the outcome of an AI system
  • are able to read and understand the ideas of modern research on AI applied to medicine
  • become familiar with novel applications of AI in different fields of medicine like radiology, pathology, and genomics


  • Introduction to AI and ML, basic ML models
  • Introduction to Deep Learning (DL)
  • Programming exercise: simple neural networks on publicly available medical datasets
  • Applications of AI in medicine:
    - ML for diagnosis of Parkinson's, acute kidney injury, drug discovery
    - AI and text data
    - AI and ML in pathology diagnostics
    - Predictive genomics data of the future
    - ML used in intensive care medicine and neurosciences
  • Hurdles for the implementation into clinical practice
    - from data scientists perspective
    - from clinical perspective: AI in radiology
    - from clinical perspetive: Regulatory hurdles, hot to set-up of clinical trial protocols, usability, human-machine interface

Module in English and German

Module date

01 / 02 / 03 September 2022   (Thursday/Friday/Saturday)
16 / 17 September 2022   (Friday/Saturday)