Economic Environment

Learning Objectives

​​The participants

  • become familiar with the financial aspects of health care provision
  • understand the market context of health care
  • understand the organisational structure, processes, and constraints of medical organisations
  • become familiar with design approaches to medical systems such as allocation of transplants
  • learn the basics of data analysis in the context of medical interventions
  • explore privacy considerations inherent in data processing and sharing


  • Financial aspects of health provision
  • Market and regulatory context of medical services (competition, insurance)
  • Economic perspective on medical organizations (incentives, careers, labor markets)
  • Economic perspective on design of medical systems (design of kidney exchange and other allocation systems, behavioural economics)
  • Data (evaluating interventions, big data, privacy)



Module in English

Module date

11 / 12 November 2022   (Friday/Saturday)

25 / 26 November 2022   (Friday/Saturday)